Test Post

A couple months ago, FH (future hubby) and I visited his grandparent’s in their condo in Florida. Soon-to-be grandma made this delicious enchilada casserole that was super easy and super tasty. The recipe went something like: layer 3 tortillas in pan, layer beans, layer sour cream, layer three more tortillas, layer chicken, layer cheese, layer cheese, layer three more tortillas, layer more sour cream, add cheese, bake, serve cheesy pile of goodness, fall into cheese induced food coma. The dish was amazing but super unhealthy.

A few weeks after we got home, I made the casserole again and decided to tweak the recipe some. I was slightly hesitant of how my version would taste compared to grandma’s version, but it turned out really well! FH even agreed (after adding 3 cups of sour cream on top of his slice…).  For only 250 calories a serving, this casserole is very easy to make and serves well as leftovers!