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Welcome to Eat Craft Live - the eating, crafting, living blog! Join me on my journey to creating healthy clean foods,  fun DIY projects, and finding out how to live life a little more simply. Here at Eat Craft Live, we believe that home is life and that life should be full of crafty treasures, good eats, and fantastic ways to enjoy the most out of your journey. Like the great Shakespeare once wrote, "I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it." This is your place - we hope you enjoy and we hope you find time to willingly waste in it! 

What you'll find at Eat Craft Live: 

All things related to eating!
  • Recipes (check out the Recipe Box here) for easy, healthy, and tasty foods. This includes "special diet" recipes for clean, paleo, raw, vegan, and vegetarian folks. 
  • Information on the FUN "Diet" - a clean eating lifestyle without the hassle and restrictions to help you loose weight and feel great. The FUN diet is built on practical recipes for the every day family made with fresh, untouched, natural foods (FUN, get it?). Read more here. 
  • Tips, tools, and hacks to make cooking and eating easier, organized, and all around more enjoyable!

All things related to crafting! 
  • Fun DIY projects that anyone can tackle - whether you just bought your first glue gun or are a seasoned DIY gal. 
  • Organization tips and projects to make sure everything in your life has a place and all those things stay in their place.
  • Printables! Printables for the kitchen, printables for shopping, printables for cleaning, printables for holidays! 

All things relates to life! 
  • Health and beauty tips to help you feel and look your healthiest and most beautiful self. 
  • Wedding tips and DIY projects to make your wedding unique and affordable. 
  • Money management advice including how to maneuver a lot of life's firsts: first home, first car, etc!

About Amelia

I currently live with my future hubby and our crazy puppy in our new home in a Midwest suburb. I am a huge Pinterest addict and enjoy crafting, reading, and recently cooking. I love to spend my time doing DIY projects around our home, trying to organize my entire life, or just relaxing with family and friends. I'm currently on a mission to make my live a little more "clean" - clean foods, a clean home, and a clean mind. I invite you to join me on this journey and discover how you can make your own life a bit more simple and better!

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